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Preparing Food

Western Recipes

Lamb Leg marinated in yoghurt & mint 

Your everyday staple. There's hundreds of curry recipes out there but this one will remind you of just how mum used to make it.

Rice and Chicken
Indian Chicken Curry

Yoghurt marinated chicken

Juicy yogurt marinated chicken! You can grill, bake or air fry this yogurt marinated chicken breast it is a great recipe to make year round!

Chicken Curry

Savory yoghurt three ways

These Everything Bagel, Greek and Caprese yogurt ideas are just starting points for your voyage into the world of savory yogurt. Set out all of them for a brunch buffet and introduce your friends and family to savory yogurt!

Tortilla Chips with Dips
Hummus Plate

Lamb burger with feta-yoghurt spread

These showstopping lamb burgers have salty and briny capers studded throughout them, and get some earthy notes from cumin. The accompanying feta-yogurt spread is the perfect match: It's creamy and salty, but also has freshness from mint and a hint of warmth from ground nutmeg. 

Burger and Chips
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